Student Massage Clinics

One of the most important skills that an emerging massage therapist needs is to literally practice getting their hands on strangers. Whilst getting positive and re-inforcing feedback from massaging friends, family members and other students in class is a necessary part of becoming a therapist and bodyworker, working on people you don't know takes the massaging experience to a whole new level.

Most massage schools include student massage clinics as part of their curriculum so that there so-to-be graduates can get genuine hands on experience (albeit in a supervised setting).

Student massage clinics

Now the predominant reason why members of the general public book in for a student massage is basically so that they can get a cheap massage. Typically the cost for visiting a student clinic may be around half that of seeing a fully qualified professional so on the surface it appears attractive for those who are on a limited budget or do not want to pay the full rate.

Other advantages of student massage clinics are:
- you are encouraging and supporting the required training for massage therapists
- the quality of the massage can be surprisingly good, particularly if you are lucky enough to get a massage from a student who is keen to improve their skills
- because there is supervision from experienced therapist(s) then if you have any questions regarding your body with respect to massage then you will be in a good place to have them answered.

However, although there are definite advantages from booking in for a massage with a student, there are factors that may not be quite so appealing. The most significant is that you are trusting your body to an inexperienced practitioner whose skill, training and enthusiasm may be of variable standard.

Other disadvantages include:

- the clinic hours for students tend to be fairly fixed and you may only be able to book in at specific times.
- you may be in a room with other people having a massage at same time so it is difficult to relax and if you are modest about undressing with other people around it may be an issue for you.
- if you book in for a one hour appointment, chances are you will only get about 45 minutes of bodywork as the therapist will feel the need to take a detailed case study and, possibly discuss with the supervisor about their intentions for the session.
- the training, skills and preferences of the therapist may mean that they only do the type of massage that they want which is not necessarily the same as you are looking for.

Regardless of the possible disadvantages of student massages, so long as you do not have any significant medical issues, then it is a good way to experience inexpensive massage. If you have any questions about getting an appointment then just give your local school a call and find out more information about if they operate a student clinic.

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